This business started from a 2010 New Year’s Resolution to stay out of the sun and to stop indoor tanning. As a sun goddess in my past life, I began to notice strange spots and wrinkles on my skin at the baby age of only 24 years old. I realized skin cancer and rapid aging was becoming my reality if I didn’t make a change. Alas, I made my first trip for a spray tan and it was… LOVE!


I purchased the spray tanning equipment in hopes of starting a “side” business while I finished my master’s degree at Oakland University. I never anticipated the type of business into which AAT would evolve! I have a master’s degree in counseling with a post-master’s degree in school guidance counseling, making me an LLPC. My career dream was to start up my own private practice and work as a therapist. However, as we all know, life has many twists and turns; I never thought I would go from a therapist to the owner of Michigan’s first sunless tanning spa, but I truly LOVE every second of this “job”.

Although this business is not a private practice and I’m not an acting therapist, I feel deeply connected to my tanners and I am forever grateful for everything this business has brought to my life. I believe AAT is my career soul mate; the relationships I’ve built here have me convinced my purpose is here at AAT. I have had the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing and influential people of my entire life through tanning. I believe in the power of positive connection and try to transfer this energy to every soul that walks through the door at AAT. I want my tanners to feel like they are walking through the doors of their best friend’s house, coming to a place to unwind, settling into a place to release the struggles of their day and find a warm smile or hug. I love each and every one of the tanners; AAT has become a second family to me and I cannot express how fortunate I feel to own this business.

Anyway, aside from the mushy-gushy stuff above: 1. I am a textbook perfectionist by nature, so you can expect perfectionist level treatment with every tan! 2. I’m a girly-girl through and through, so you can expect some girly, fun, chill conversation during each visit! AND, 3. I LOVE connection so I can’t wait to meet you and welcome you to the AAT family!

xoxo Amanda